Transportation Solutions

Most of the Yukon’s energy needs, almost 60%, are for transportation. This includes air travel, on-road gasoline and diesel, mining, farming, and through-trucking.

Nearly 71% of the fossil fuels burned for transportation (43% of the Yukon’s total greenhouse gas emissions) are for on-road gas and diesel vehicles—that means us driving ourselves, our kids and our stuff around in our cars, vans and trucks!

Transportation Solutions

• Walk
• Bike
• Kicksled/ski
• Take the Bus
• Work from home
• Staycations

If you must drive:

• Maintain your vehicle and tire pressure
• Drive a small and efficient vehicle, a hybrid or an electric car
• Carpool or rideshare
• Plan your route
• Bundle your trips
• Practice Auto$mart EcoDriving
• Share the road with cyclists etc…

EcoDriving? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Yes. It is. But if we have to drive, let’s drive smart.

• Accelerate gently
• Don’t speed
• Anticipate traffic
• Coast to decelerate


Whitehorse Walks
Whitehorse Public Transit
City of Whitehorse: Transportation Demand Management
City of Whitehorse Cycling Network
City of Whitehorse Winter Bike Safety
Whitehorse Urban Cycling Coalition
Cadence Cycle
Icycle Sport
Atlin Express: Service between Atlin, Jake’s Corner, Carcross and Whitehorse
Husky: Service between Dawson City and Whitehorse
Efficient Ecodriving (Auto$mart driving)

May 28, 2015
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