About Yukon’s Energy Solutions

The Yukon Conservation Society recognizes that managing and meeting our energy needs in ways that minimize harm to the environment and climate must be humanity’s goal. We need to work hard individually and collectively towards a zero carbon future. In the Yukon, this comes with unique challenges and opportunities.

We use energy to power our lights and gadgets, move ourselves and our stuff around, and to heat our homes.

Energy is much more than just electricity—there is electrical energy, heat energy and transportation energy. Energy generation can also mean the generation of heat (and of mechanical energy to move us around) not just the generation of electrical energy.

Energy is generated from renewable and non-renewable sources. Most of the Yukon’s electrical energy comes from renewable energy generated by hydroelectric dams.

However, more than 80% of the Yukon’s total energy needs are met by burning fossil fuels—mostly for transportation and heating.

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Non-renewable fossil fuels have environmental and climate impacts throughout their life cycle – from oil and gas exploration, drilling, fracking, processing, liquefaction, and transportation – to burning it in vehicles, machines, furnaces, stoves and generators.

We must break our addiction to fossil fuels and advance sustainable conservation and renewable alternatives to meet our energy needs.

Energy conservation and efficiency must be the first priority to make sure we use less and waste less energy. All energy sources—even renewable energy sources—have impacts so reducing our demand will reduce the need to generate more energy—negawatts before megawatts.

Over recent years, the YCS energy program has focused on opposing carbon intensive and inefficient energy developments in the Yukon like fracking and liquefied natural gas (LNG). The common threads in these campaigns were that smart alternatives already exist to meet our energy needs, and people want to be part of solutions to create positive change.

And so we created YES—about people and projects moving us closer to a sustainable energy future—educating and inspiring us all to be part of the solution.

We want this website to highlight and champion great ideas and ‘Solutionaries.’

If you have ideas for people and projects to showcase, please get in touch! ycsenergy (at) gmail.com and YCS at 668-5678

Thank you to the Community Development Fund, the City of Whitehorse and to the Energy Solutions Centre for supporting the creation of this website.

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