Energy Conservation

Energy conservation—using less energy—is by far the best solution. Conservation reduces our demand for energy and therefore the need to generate more. We conserve energy when we make a conscious effort to use less energy, use less water and other resources, and in general, buy and consume less stuff.

Electricity and Energy Conservation Solutions

• Turn off lights and gadgets
• Ditch your dryer and hang your laundry to dry (be careful of excessive moisture!)
• Install a low-flow showerhead
• Use a powerbar to eliminate phantom power draw from chargers, gadgets and appliances
• Use timers for some devices—especially block heaters
• Turn down your heat, put on a sweater and slippers
• See also Transportation Solutions


Yukon Energy: Energy Conservation and Efficiencies
ATCO Electric Yukon: Electricity Conservation
Arctic Energy Alliance NWT: Saving Energy

May 26, 2015
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