YES Awards

Recognition in the form of giving awards is a good way to teach our children and each other about (perhaps non-traditional) leadership characteristics that we value, and that we want to nurture, cultivate and uplift.

The Yukon Conservation Society wanted to make formal recognition of our energy solutionaries part of the YES Showcase. At the event, we presented these YES Awards to the people we featured in the YES Films.

We wanted a zero waste closed loop product, so we sourced wood offcuts from local carpenter Peter Heebink. Thank you Peter!

The tongue and groove wood is fire-killed Yukon poplar (aspen), milled at Dimok Timber at Canyon Creek near Haines Junction. Fast growing Yukon biomass local value added product with a beautiful heartwood grain!

The logo was created by local designer Guiniveve Lalena. Wood cutting and laser etching was done at the Yukon’s own makerspace YuKonstruct – the incubator of innovation and community! Thank you to Lars, Allison and especially Michelle Clusiau at YuKonstruct for helping set up the machine and training Anne to use it.

June 3, 2015
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